Health is priceless, as how can anyone place a dollar value on wellbeing? However, we all require money to live in today's society. I offer several different pricing options in order to meet my and your financial needs.

Fee for Service

This option is for those who want to use their insurance benefits, and for those who wish to pay on a per-visit basis. I maintain a Fee Schedule that lists the amount I charge for every service I might provide in a visit. These rates are based on the standard amounts of the Seattle area. 


I am happy to bill your insurance for your visit. Please be aware that every insurance policy is different, and I cannot guarantee your specific policy will cover the entire cost of your visit. You will be asked to pay the portion of your visit that is not covered. Please verify your benefits by clicking the button below and entering your information.


If you pay the same day of the visit I can offer you a significant time-of-service discount. Since insurance companies set their rates based on the specific actions that happen in a visit, I cannot tell you exactly what the fee will be. However, a typical first visit would be around $185, and a typical followup treatment would be around $100.

Direct Care Membership

This option is for those who would like more consistent treatment, and do not want to be bound by the fee-for-service system. Monthly support allows me the flexibility to meet your healthcare needs without either of us worrying about additional costs or financial constraints. For those who are dealing with typical, non-debilitating health issues, $125 per month gives me the freedom to see you on a regular basis. If you need more time at the beginning of our journey towards health, $350 per month lets me see you as often as necessary. If we don't need to meet, your support will help me continue offering my services to others. I also ask that you give an additional $100 for our first visit due to the time required for an initial intake and treatment.

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