Chronic Inflammation: Heat in the Blood

In the world of conventional medicine it is becoming common knowledge that inflammation underlies many, if not most, of the chronic diseases afflicting so many people today. It has been understood for a long time that inflammation plays a critical role in acute infections but only more recently has evidence pointed to the importance of inflammation in chronic conditions. In Chinese Medicine the concept of heat in the Blood plays a similar role in the development of the many chronic conditions in modern society.

Comparing Chinese and Western Medicine – Part 3

Western thought, with its bottom up approach, can be characterized by deductive logic and linear thought processes. Leon Hammer, in his article Science of East and West, describes deductive logic as beginning with a theory, or hypothesis, and then testing it to find out if it is true or not. The thought process goes from the general to the specific, starting with an idea and then testing its validity. In order to properly test a theory, extraneous variables must be suppressed or eliminated, as otherwise it becomes too complex to analyze. Causation is considered linearly, ...

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