Parkinson’s and the Stomach

Parkinson's disease may be related to dysfunction in the gut, including issues with the vagus nerve and the microbiome. Blockage of Stomach and Pericardium qi is almost always part of the Parkinson's picture. Internal Wind is generated when the Liver becomes weakened from pushing against the blocked Stomach qi. The Stomach is involved in chronic disease even in cases that don't stem from systemic inflammation.

The Importance of the Stomach – Part 5, Chronic Disease

The Stomach in Chinese Medicine is responsible for the suppression of indigestible toxins, chemicals, emotions, and experiences. The digestive system is a major source of inflammation and plays a major role in the development of chronic inflammation, and thus chronic disease. Treating chronic disease must involve restoring the microbiome, regulating inflammation, and releasing stored trauma.

The Importance of the Stomach – Part 4, the Microbiome

The microbiome, the community of microorganisms living in our guts, is an integral part of us. They aid in digestion, regulate immunity, produce important vitamins, regulate behavior, and influence the brain. Some have argued that the merging of human and microbes is what makes someone complete, and chronic health issues can result from a faulty merge. The Stomach in Chinese Medicine explains and accounts for much of what we know about this microbiome.

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