Headaches in Chinese Medicine

Who doesn’t love a good headache? If you’ve ever been to the doctor about a headache, you might have heard of the different types of headaches according to biomedicine. However, headaches can also be understood through Chinese Medicine, which can often be a more helpful way to approach these dreaded occurrences. Chinese Medicine allows for more individualization with both diagnosis and treatment, and has good models for completely resolving many types of headaches.

The Six Conformations – Part 1

Chinese Medicine has a number of models of human functioning and physiology. One major system is known as the six conformations, also known as the six stages, or the six divisions. I find this system to be both fascinating and extraordinarily useful in understanding the human being. This model originates in the six environmental factors: cold, heat, dry, damp, wind, and fire. Also known as climactic influences, these six were seen as encompassing all influences that came from the environment. For instance, in the winter the weather is cold. During the rainy season, the weather is damp. And so on. Each climactic factor influences the body in a particular way, giving rise to each of the six conformations.

The Importance of the Stomach – Part 1, Chinese Medicine

The Stomach is so important! The Stomach in Chinese Medicine encompasses not only the physical stomach but the entirety of the digestive tract, corresponding more specifically to the hollow space within the stomach and intestines. The Stomach plays a role in nourishing the whole body, helps us to make sense of our life experiences, helps determine our mental well-being, and gives us the desire to “take in” the world. Our relationships, both to ourself and to the outside world, are encompassed within the role of the Stomach. Let’s examine how the Stomach works from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

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